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The Chat Room Window

Multimedia chat rooms

Matrix Messenger multimedia rooms let anyone create a virtual meeting space for FREE. Speak on the microphone or stream any audio source into the chat room for all to hear! Listen to diverse opinion from people all over the world.  Share files, broadcast your webcam in real time, and view moving video* from other users. Send instant messages to anyone in the room, or 'whisper' to them in the chat room. See when people join or leave the chat room or place a 'time stamp' on incoming text.

Advanced room display settings let you turn toolbars on or off, size the window the way you want it, and select your text attributes and colors.  Save your settings so windows come up the way YOU want them to!

Matrix Messenger lets you do all this and more!

- Speak on the microphone to everyone in the chat room in real time.
- Stream MP3's, CD's, TV sound, or any external audio source into a chat room.
- Hear world opinion from a globally diverse community.
- Raise your hand to let everyone know that you wish to speak.
- Administer your own room - FREE!
- Complete set of administrative controls to maintain order in your room.
- Send video to everyone in the room.
- View multiple video windows.
- Share files with members of the room.