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Block Offensive or Bothersome People

Blocking a bothersome person

If a user becomes bothersome you may wish to block further contact with them. You may block a user in several different ways...

From right clicking on the friends list

Scroll through the list of your online and offline friends to find the nickname you wish to block.

Note: if the user is offline be sure to click the arrow beside 'Offline' to expand the list.

Right click on a nickname in the list to select it.

Select 'Block User' on the menu that appears.

Blocking someone due to continued unwanted contact or harassment

If you have a user or users who are constantly changing nicknames to avoid your blocks, there is a very simple method to stop them. You can use your privacy settings to 'Allow contacts only' which means that a person must be on your friends list to be able to contact you. You must manually add a person to your friends list so any unwanted contact is completely cut off unless a person is a true friend.

You can always unblock a person if you change your mind.